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33rd Berlin Open DISC GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS, June 18-20 2021

Size of Tournament
We currently plan to have 72 spots for the tournament. It is possible that we have to change the size of the field.

Players Fee
We have not yet decided on the players fee.

Players Package
We will most likely offer no players package this year.

Prize Money
We plan to pay out some prize money, but the amount is still unknown.

We do not know if it will be possible, but we plan to offer the follwoing: Every player will play 3 rounds of 18 holes. After the third round a cut will be made. In the open division there will be a semi final and a final round, the other divisions will have only a final round. Semi finals and finals are to 9 holes each. See also under schedule.

We plan to host a doubles competition friday afternoon (June 18th). Details will be published here once they are decided.

Ace Pool
There will be an ace pool competition during the first three rounds of the tournament. Since the ace pool was paid out last year, this year's possible payout will only include this year's ace pool fees.

Due to the Corvid19 epidemic we will not offer any lunch this year. Most likely we will not offer drinks or snacks either this year. Please bring your own lunch.