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33rd Berlin Open DISC GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS, June 26-28, 2021

Time table

The time table is preliminary and open to changes until tournament starts!

Friday, June 18th

13:45 Pickup of players package
14:00 Course ready, start qualification (players on waiting list can qualify for last 2 spots), begin doubles
15:30 doulbes only for players of the tournament (or if no one is waiting)
17:00 last group doubles
20:00 End of Doubles

Saturday, June 19th
2 rounds for every player (pools of five).

08:00 - 09:00 Pickup of players package
09:00 Pickup Scorecards
09:30 begin round 1
12:30 lunch break
13:30 Pickup Scorecards
14:00 begin round 2
17:00 End round 2

Sunday, June 20th
In the morning the third round will be held. After the lunch break we will have the semi-final in the open division (16-20 players) and the final round for the other divisions. Directly after the semi-final open, the open division final will be played.

08:30 Pickup Scorecards
08:45 begin round 3
12:00 lunch break
13:10 Pickup Scorecards
13:30 begin semi-final open and finals of the other divisions
15:00 begin open final
17:00 award ceremony