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33rd Berlin Open DISC GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS, June 18-20, 2021

Welcome to the Berlin Open 2021 Website!
As most of you know, the 33rd Berlin Open Disc Golf Championships had to be canceled in 2020 due to the Corona virus. For this year we are determined to catch up on this important event and hold the 33rd Berlin Open on June 18th-20th at the Volkspark Rehberge in Berlin. But certainly only if the pandemic will have subsided enough to conduct the tournament in a responsible way.
For the 2021 edition, we plan to offer this: 50€ players fee, at least 50% of the players fee will be paid out as prize money. 90 spots and 18 holes on our traditional OB-free course. Of course there will be a players package.
As always, we are a PDGA B-Tier Tournament. The rules of play are the ones published by the PDGA.

Due to the Covid19 epidemic, we will not offer lunch this year. Please bring your own food! We also won't have a players party at the tent Saturday afternoon.

Tournament and registration schedule is preliminary!
As most of you know, due to the Covid19 pandemic disc golf events in Germany cannot be held at the moment. We all expect that this situation will improve during the next months but unfortunately we cannot be certain about that. We currently expect to be able to host the 33rd Berlin Open at the scheduled date on June 18-20. If this expectation should change, we will inform you here and by e-mail. Please understand that we cannot give you a refund on your travel expenses in case we do have to cancel the tournament. Of course any paid player fees will be fully refunded if we have to cancel the tournament.

New on this page

  • February 20th: New initial web page created.

The tournament will be held at the Volkspark Rehberge, a beautiful park located about 4 km north of the center of Berlin. The location is roughly 2 km east of the Tegel airport and 5 km north of the western part of the city center.
If you understand German (or want to use those links for a computer generated translation), you can find more information about the park from the city administration or the English Wikipedia article.
You can also take a view from above at Google maps or Bing maps.

We plan to open Registration in Mid April. Registration details will be published until March, 31th.

The results are published online at the PDGA tournament page.

Skander Morgenthaler, Frank Neitzel