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Online registration
Registration for phase 3 began on April 18th.
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Pleease note that phase 1 and 2 are shortened to only one week each this year.

Registration Process
Registration will start on April 4th. We will have three phases of registration. For the first two phases you needed to have the required ranking (PDGA rating if living outside of Germany, D-Rating if you are a resident of Germany). If you register too early, we will ignore your registration and you will have to register again later.

Phase 1 (April 4th – April 10th)
Phase one is over.

Phase 2 (April 11th – April 17th)
Phase 2 is over, too.

Phase 3 (April 18th – June 15th)
During phase 3 anyone can register.

We will give away up to 18 wildcars. If you to receive a wildcard, please send an e-mail with a short description of why you would like to get one. For the 30th anniversary, we will invite some players out of order, they will get a spot whenever they register. We will reserve a small number of spots for those players.

Once the food options are finalized, you will be asked to choose you meals and pay players fee and meals within 14 days. If you fail to pay on time, we may forward your spot to someone on the waiting list. Please let us know on time if you cannot pay within the deadline to avoid this. If you would have to pay extra fees in order to transfer the money to a German bank account and would like to save those fees, please contact us before the end of your payment deadline.

Withdrawal and Refunds
If you have to withdraw your participation, we will refund you the following, depending on the date of your cancellation:

  • cancellation until May 15th: 40 Euro refund
  • cancellation until May 31st: 25 Euro refund
  • if you cancel later, you will not get any refund, but we will hand over the players package to a participant of your choice or sent it to you by mail (only within Germany)
Fees for a money transfer will be subtracted from the refunded amount.