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Time table

The time table is open to changes until tournament starts!

The information about who is starting in which group (pool) is noted on the players page. If for some reason you need to change pools (e.g. because you are sharing a car with other players), please let us know until June 17th!

Friday, June 22nd

15:00 Course open for practise
15:30 - 16:45 Registration Singles/Doubles, pickup of players package
17:00 Doubles Players Meeting
17:15 Start Doubles
20:30 - 22:15 European Football Championship (quarter finals)

Saturday, June 23rd
2 pools, max 60 players each

07:30 - 08:00 Registration, pickup of players package
08:10 Players Meeting round 1 early pool
08:30 Start round 1 early pool
10:40 Players Meeting round 1 late pool
11:00 Start round 1 late pool
13:10 Players Meeting round 2 early pool
13:30 Start round 2 early pool
15:40 Players Meeting round 2 late pool
16:00 Start round 2 late pool
20:30 Players Party

Sunday, June 24th
Golfstart (every 8 minutes), ordered by division, flights of four
Order: Senior Grandmasters, Grandmasters, Masters, Juniors, Women, Open

07:30 Start round 3 Flight 1
08:50 Start round 3 Flight 11
10:10 Start round 3 Flight 21
11:22 Start round 3 Flight 30

Semi final Open, finals other divisions: Golfstart, 9 holes, flights of four
Order: Senior Grandmasters, Grandmasters, Master, Juniors, Women, Open
Open final: 9 holes, flight of five
13:00 Start Senior Grandmasters' final
13:08 Start Grandmasters' final
13:16 Start Masters' final
13:24 Start Juniors' final
13:32 Start Womens final
13:40 Start Open semi final
ca. 15:30 Start Open final
17:00 Awards ceremony