As of now (June 17th, 1:00h) all spots are given to players, no wildcards are left.

Players with a * in the division column were not asked for their division.

First Name Last Name Division Country
paid, in
Niels Madsen Kloster unknown* Denmark
Greg Marter Open Germany
Jörn Weichold Open* Germany
Nils-Ole Raßmus Open Germany
Oliver Schacht Open* Germany
Maximilian Bloch Open Germany
Sebastian Schmidt Open Germany
Jens Erdmann Open Germany
Jörg Eberts Open Germany
David Lizotte Open Canada
Simon Lizotte Open Germany
Felix Knecht Open Germany
Michael Rollnik Open Germany
Lars Lau Jensen Open Denmark
Rasmus Spedtsberg Open Denmark
Frank Neitzel Open Germany
Sven Friedrich Open Germany
Torsten Baus Open Germany
Julius Richter Open Germany
Martin Spliid Open Denmark
Kenneth Rasmussen Open Denmark
Dani Hatvani Open Hungary
Janus Hajslund Open Denmark
Arne Mejlholm Open Denmark
Hans Hendrik Madsen Open Denmark
Jacob Kloster Open Denmark
Michael Cohrs Open Germany
Nikolai Tsouloukidse Open Germany
Victor Braun Open Germany
Joscha Bartling Open Germany
Robert Chris Delisle Open Germany
Markus Koch Open Germany
Skander Morgenthaler Open Germany
Danny Stephens Open North Amerika
Lukas Filandr Open Czech Republic
Kilian Link Open Germany
Stefan Hauschke Open Germany
Robert Delisle Open Germany
Dennis Dideriksen Open Denmark
Hannes Mehring Open Germany
Jens Melby Bak Open Denmark
Makki Hein Open Germany
Martin Dörken Open Germany
Philipp Kratochvil Open Germany
Michael Jehle Open Germany
Tony Ferro Open Switzerland
Ronny Linnicke Open Germany
Oliver Fröhlich Open Germany
Martin Jenny Open Switzerland
Michael Böhm Open Germany
Holger Stark Open Germany
Jan Bäss Open Germany
Phil Stadler Open Germany
Jens Uwe Kleiner Open Germany
Tim Knapper Open Germany
Michael Fröhlich Open Germany
Olli Möllemann Open Germany
Benjamin Jentzsch Open Germany
Susann Fischer Ladies Germany
Manja Pfeiffer Ladies Germany
Astrid Dittmann Ladies Germany
Alessa Schwarz Ladies Germany
Margrit Dittmann Ladies Germany
Rie Rasmussen Ladies Denmark
Mette Vinther Ladies Denmark
Diemut Bartl Ladies Germany
Lena Brammer Ladies Denmark
Josephine Jahn Ladies Germany
Alette Vissing Ladies Denmark
Anja Eberts Ladies Deutschland
Jerome Braun Juniors Germany
Jason Voglmeyer Juniors Germany
Claus-Peter Hetzner Masters Germany
Matthias Behrendt Masters* Germany
Frank Nieder Masters Germany
Volker Meyer Masters Germany
Paw Bredesen Masters Denmark
George Braun Masters Germany
Morten Ivø Masters Denmark
Carsten Jørgensen Masters Denmark
Claus Svane Masters Denmark
Anders Walther Andersen Masters Denmark
Martin Slizek Masters Czech Republic
Thomas Leonhardt Masters Germany
Matthias "Dutch" Beck Masters Germany
Corky Dunn Masters Germany
Michael Vogelmeyer Masters Germany
Arthur Haverkamp Masters Netherlands
Christoph Ladendorf Masters Germany
Jakob Burkard Masters Denmark
Tom Williamson Grandmasters Germany
Markus Birkenmeier Grandmasters Switzerland
Bodo Krecklow Grandmasters Denmark
Viro Schneider Senior-Grandmasters Germany
Hans Behrendt Legends* Germany
paid, waiting list
currently empty
no payment received (as of: June 17th 1:00h)
Kurt König unknown* Germany
Martin Fohlert Masters Germany
Jan Schreck Open Germany
Dylan Cooper Open Hungary
Dirk Paliga Open Germany
Maya Erdmann Ladies Germany
Matthias Kind Masters Germany
Bill Smyther Open United Kingdom
Ann-Christin Kleimann Ladies Germany