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Welcome to the Berlin Open 2016 Website!
The 29th Berlin Open Disc Golf Championships 2016 will be hold on June 17-19 at the Volkspark Rehberge in Berlin. The tournament will be similar to the ones in the last couple years: 30€ players fee, 90 spots, 18 holes, no OBs, approximately 50% of the players fee was paid out as prize money and there was a players package. As always, we were a PDGA B-Tier Tournament. The rules of play are the ones published by the PDGA.

New on this page

  • June 19th: The results are online: There is most likely a mistake in the ladies division in the online results, we will have to check the original scorecards.
  • April 24th: We will offer a qualification round (regular tournament course) for at least two spots for players from the waiting list. The round will be held on Friday, June 17th and begin at 2 pm. While this is geared towards local players, it is open for everyone.
  • April 5th: registration phase 3 started
  • March 29th: Registration phase 2 started
  • March 25th: Lunch options for Saturnday changed (news item added later)
  • March 22nd: Added Lunch options, started online registration (phase 1).
  • March 13th: New initial web page created.

The tournament will be hold at the Volkspark Rehberge, a beautiful park located about 4 km north of the center of Berlin. The location is roughly 2 km east of the Tegel airport and 5 km north of the western part of the city center.
If you understand German (or want to use those links for a computer generated translation), you can find more information about the park from the city administration or the German Wikipedia article.
You can also take a view from above at Google maps or Bing maps.

The registration process will be similar to year: we have three phases of registration, with the best players being allowed to register first. If you live within Germany, your current D-Rating will be used to determine wether you can register during an earlier phase, if you live outside Germany, your current PDGA-Rating will be used instead. The first phase will be from March 22nd to March 28th, the second phase will be from March 29th to April 4th. From April 5th onwards, everyone will be allowed to register for the tournament, regardless of their rating.
click here for details and the registration link!

The results will be published online at the PDGA tournament page.

Photos and Reports
If you made pictures last year and would like to share them, or if you wrote a small story or report, please let us know. We will gladly share a link, so that everyone can enjoy them. Please send us a mail (see below).

Skander Morgenthaler, Frank Neitzel