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33rd Berlin Open DISC GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS, not June 26-28 2020

Welcome to the Berlin Open 2020 Website!
The 33rd Berlin Open Disc Golf Championships will not be held in June 2020. We are still monitoring the situation and considering to merely postpone and not cancel this year's edition of the Berlin Open. With the current cutback on the corvid19 restrictions there is a small chance that we could be allowed to hold the tournament, but the risk that a concept would not be approved by the city officials - or that it would be approved only shortly before the tournament - is too large. In any case the tournament would have benn recuced to a sport challenge without any social interaction.

New on this page

  • May 14th: The Berlin Open will not be held in June 2020. We will continue to monitor our possibilities - so there is still a chance that the Berlin Open 2020 will be merely postponed and not completely cancelled.
  • April 30th: Registration delayed to May 15th due to the uncertainty about the development of the Covid19 lockdown. Basically we just skip phase 1 and phase 2 - so everyone can register from May 15th.
  • March 15th: New initial web page created.

The tournament will be held at the Volkspark Rehberge, a beautiful park located about 4 km north of the center of Berlin. The location is roughly 2 km east of the Tegel airport and 5 km north of the western part of the city center.
If you understand German (or want to use those links for a computer generated translation), you can find more information about the park from the city administration or the English Wikipedia article.
You can also take a view from above at Google maps or Bing maps.

Registratino will not be possible until we know when and how the next Berlin Open will take place.

The results are published online at the PDGA tournament page.

Skander Morgenthaler, Frank Neitzel