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Size of Tournament
The tournament ist limited to 90 players.

Players Fee
25€ for Juniors, 50€ for all other divisions

Players Package
We are still checking attractive options for the players package. The players package might include a shirt, that is why we ask for your shirt size during registration.

Prize Money
Provided we will have 90 players, the prize money will be roughly 2700€.

Every player will play 3 rounds of 18 holes. After the third round a cut is made (most likely the 20 best open players make it to the semi final). In the open division there will be a semi final and a final round, the other divisions will have only a final round. Semi finals and finals are to 9 holes each. See also under schedule.

As usual, we will play a round of doubles on friday afternoon (June 1st). Details will be published here once they are decided.

Ace Pool
There will be an ace pool competition during the first three rounds of the tournament. Since the ace pool was paid out last year, this year's possible payout will only include this year's ace pool fees.

This year, We will offer lunch (Saturday & Sunday) and a dinner (Saturday) at the tournament headquarters.

Saturday Lunch:

  • Starter: Salad with lime and apricot, french dressing and bread
  • Main Course (vegetarian): spicy feta with ratatouille and pasta
  • Main Course (meat): mediterranean baked pork with ratatouille and pasta
Sunday Lunch:
  • Starter: Salad with pineapple and mint, french dressing and bread
  • Main Course (vegetarian): lentils (dal) with summer vegetables and garam masala rice
  • Main Course (meat): spicy chicken with summer vegetables and garam masala rice
We will charge 9€ per lunch

Sadurday Dinner:
Pizza (for vegetarians and meat eaters alike), 8$euro; per Person

Please order your meals during registration, In case you want to change your ordered meal, please send us an e-mail. Please pay your meals together with your playerss fee this year.