The tournament is limited to 90 players.

Entry fees
Pros: 65€
Am: 40€

Players Package
Each participant will receive a player's package.

Prize money
The prize money for all professional divisions will exceed 2000€ and 80% of net entry fees.
The top 33% in each professional division will receive prize money, the top 3 amateur players will receive prizes.

A division will be played if at least 4 players are registered and have paid the starting fee for this division when the tournament starts. We offer entry into the following divisions:
Open (MPO)
Women (FPO)
Masters (MPM)
Grandmasters (MPG)
Senior Grandmasters (MPS)
Juniors (MJ1)
Advanced (MA1)

All players must be PDGA-members to compete in the tournament. Non-PDGA-members may register during registration phase 1 but must verify their membership to complete phase 2.

Eligibility for divisions
Professional and Amateur players can play in a professional division in so far as they meet the specific age and gender requirements:
Open: no limitations
Masters: Born 1970 or earlier
Grandmasters: Born 1960 or earlier
Senior Grandmaster: Born 1950 or earlier
Juniors: Born 1991 or later

Professional players are allowed to enter an Amateur division if they attain a reclassification to Amateur status by their PDGA country representative.

Reclassification from Pro to Am for German Players:
German players who are currently or were formerly a PDGA Pro member may be reclassified to Amateur if:
a) Their PDGA-rating is 950 or lower
b) They didn't cash at a PDGA-Event during the last 12 months
c) They apply for reclassification to PDGA country representative Frank Buchholz
The final decision is up to the country representative

62 spots are limited and reserved until July, 15th to restricted groups of players:
24 to PDGA Euro Pro Players as specified by PDGA Europe
16 to German PDGA members with player ratings of 900+ (Men) and 800+ (Women)
10 to Pro Women players regardless of ratings
8 to Advanced Amateur players regardless of ratings
4 to Junior players regardless of ratings

5 spots are Wild Cards and given away at the discretion of the tournament director
23 spots are not restricted and given away on a first come first serve basis.
After July, 15, all reserved spots which have not been taken will be assigned to waiting list players in other divisions.

Registration process
Phase 1: Online Registration
Spots are reserved by submitting the online registration form which is available now.
The spots in all contingents (except for Wild Cards) will be assigned according to the order the registration form was submitted.
Phase 2: Payment
Upon having received a spot in the tournament a player has time until July, 15th to pay the starting fee to the tournament account.
Players who registered after July 1st or are assigned a spot after this date by having been moved up from the waiting list have a three-week deadline to pay their fee. The deadline for each player will be shown in the players list until she/he has paid or has been removed.
All players who do not pay will be removed as soon as their deadline has expired. A player that has been removed may register anew or apply for a Wild Card.
Withdrawals and Refunds
Players who withdraw before August, 10th will be refunded their payment less costs for transaction.
Players who withdraw after August, 10th will be refunded less a 10€ refund charge and transaction fees.
Players who withdraw after September, 5th will be refunded at the discretion of the tournament director.

3 rounds of 18 holes for all players. After that there will be a cut in each division for the Final Round

Final Round
A Final Round will be played for the top players in each division on nine holes with a total maximum of 36 players. At least 25% of each division will enter the Final Round. The exact numbers are depending on the number of divisions and will be published after the start of the tournament.
The Final Round will be played with staggered start (golf start), the leading group in Open division beginning last.

All ties on the last admissible spot for the Final Round in each division will be broken right before the start of the Final Round
All Ties for a divisional first place will be broken right after the Final Round.

Park entrance
The Britzer Garten is open from 9:00 to 20:00 and has an entrance fee of 2,-€.
Registered players may enter the park already at 8:00 or later and without fee via the entrances.

Doubles will be played Friday 16:00 (shotgun start)
Format: Best Shot
Entry fee: 5€ per Team
Maximum capacity: 72 Players
Prize: 100% money payback to top quarter

Breakfast and Lunch will be available on site at the times indicated.
Additionally, there will be Snacks and Beverages available at the HQ during the tournament
Breakfast and Lunch have to be paid in advance at the registration

Tournament Director: Frank Neitzel
Assistant Tournament Director, Course: Jan Bäss
Assistant Tournament Director, Sponsorship: George Braun
Assistant Tournament Director, Website Director: Micki Fröhlich